Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank (TDB), is a multilateral financial institution and one of the leading providers of trade finance within Eastern and Southern Africa.

The Bank was established on 6 November 1985 pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 9 of the Treaty (1981) establishing the Preferential Trade Area for the Eastern and Southern African States (PTA) which was later transformed into the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).

As a multilateral entity, TDB benefits from preferred creditor status, and certain other immunities and privileges in its member states.

TDB’s share capital is held by regional member states (or their designated institutions) in Eastern and Southern Africa, non-regional member countries (or their designated institutions), and individual investors, whose eligibility is determined by the Bank’s Board of Governors.

The Bank’s senior debt is rated Baa3 (Investment Grade) by Moody’s Investors Service, BB+ by Fitch Ratings, and BBB- (positive outlook) by Global Credit Ratings, and at the end of 2022 the Bank had a portfolio of trade finance transactions of over USD 3.5 billion.

The mission of TDB is to be at the forefront of providing development capital and services in order to advance regional growth and integration, through customer focused and innovative financing solutions.

With its headquarters located in Mauritius and Burundi in a dual-domicile structure, TDB has regional offices in Nairobi, Harare, Kinshasa and Addis Ababa.

For more information on TDB please visit www.tdbgroup.org